code of ethics

At The Special Travel Corporation,

we strongly believe that Tourism activities should respect the equality of men and women; they should promote human rights and, more particularly, the individual rights of the most vulnerable groups, notably children, the elderly, the handicapped, ethnic and religious minorities, and indigenous peoples;
The exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, especially when applied to children, conflicts with the fundamental aims of tourism and is the negation of tourism; as such, in accordance with international law, it should be energetically combatted with the cooperation of all participating actors, including but not limited to, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Airlines, Incoming agencies in destination, Hotels, Restaurants, Vacation Homes, among other players; travelers and suppliers of tourism services must also understand that sexual exploitation of children is penalized without concession by the national legislation of both, the countries we are offering as part of our portfolio, and Canada;
As a travel wholesaler, at The Special Travel Corporation we don’t have any direct contact with the travelers at any times, but we encourage our travel partners, either being the travel agencies in Canada, or the suppliers of accommodation services in destination, that our stance against sexual exploitation of children is communicated to the customers;
In accordance with the statements above, we ask from all our individual suppliers of tourism services in destination, to submit signed acknowledgment of this notice, confirming that sexual exploitation of children is not, and will not be tolerated at their premises, and that they will do all in their power to prevent it from happening at the properties under their supervision.
The Special Travel Corporation